Welcome To My New Blog! – Photo Of The Day #1

I left home and joined the U.S. Navy when I was 17 years old back in 1958. That’s when I started my ramblin’ ways and for most of my life I’ve been a rambler. Unfortunately I did not get involved in photography until 1974. In those 38 years I’ve taken many photos.

So what good are photos if no one gets to see them?

That is why I created this Blog, It’s my intent to randomly select some of my favorite photos and present only one photo a day. If I can remember where the photo was taken I will tell you. I’ve got them filed by year, so at least I know that much!

You will only see what I call “honest” photos on this Blog! I refuse to use image altering programs such as Photoshop to create what I call phony photographs. You know the kind I’m talking about! The ones that have been so doctored up they just look unreal.

I admit to using Picasa3 for only minor cropping and perhaps a little color touch up. That’s it!

So, let’s start with Photo Of The Day #1…


This photo was taken in 1979 somewhere in British Columbia, Canada. In 1983 I was living in Olympia (Thurston County), Washington. I had been doing photography for nine years and thought I was shooting some decent photos…but I was really curious…how good was I?

For the only time in my photography career, I entered the 1983 Thurston County Fair Photography Contest. With over 3,000 entries, I was greatly surprised when I won the “Best Of Show” ribbon with this photo…

Remember, this was back in the days of film cameras.

I hope you enjoyed this Photo Of The Day #1 and will return to enjoy the many photos to follow.

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All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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2 thoughts on “Welcome To My New Blog! – Photo Of The Day #1

  1. Bev

    I’m definitely “so inclined”! 🙂

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